My name is Deline Tan and I am a Singaporean. I am a freelance writer, writing articles and books. My greatest joy comes from helping readers understand and coming to terms with what they read. I have reviews from my readers, that they are motivated and encouraged with the writing on life issues. My main aim as a writer is to encourage and motivate the readers with whatever issues that they are facing. Ultimately I point them to God who is the only One that can help them. I long for people to know God and it is exciting to see people being touched and blessed by God. My motivation is to see the world saved and become an evangelist.

I spend my time praying and reading God’s Word, and I encourage others to do likewise. It is through spending time with God that we grow spiritually and know God. There is no better way than to know God and grow in Him. We are living in the last lap of 2,000 years of church history when Jesus came into the world. Are you ready to meet your God? The catastrophe that is happening in the world prepares us to know where we stand as a believer and who we are in God. We have very little time left before Jesus comes back. My role is to point people to God and fulfil the task of world evangelisation.

I love reading and writing, and enjoy movies. I also enjoy fellowshipping with believers over a meal and enjoy restaurant food. I swim once a week to keep fit. I also enjoy listening to gospel songs and worshipping God. I have a passion for God’s Word and my prayer is that the world will know God and His Word. Ultimately it is important that one gets saved before Jesus comes back.